About us

 About Us

  • GLAM an acronym for "Godly Ladies Adorned Modestly" or Godly Ladies Accessorized Magnificently" 
  • No matter which statement you wish to make we want to help you make it! 
  • We are a Christ Centered Company
  • Seeking to provide quality products to enhance the beauty of our customers 
  • Currently we offer our signature Christian graphic Tee collection "Thee Glam R Us Tee"
  • Coming soon to our product listing: clothing, shoes, handbags, unisex Tees and the Premier Jewelry Line
  • We are an online boutique 
  • Our CEO has over 20 years in the fashion industry 
  • Our Glam Squad is a dedicated group of people passionate about faith and fashion 
  • Contact us @ theeglambeautique@gmail.com or 910.434.5260 
  • Connect with us on fb @GLAMSBeautiQue 

Thank you for your interest in our shop! We appreciate your business!